Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Evan Agostini
Mitt Romney arrives at the 3rd annual NFL Honors at Radio City Music Hall on Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014, in New York. Copyright © Invision2014

Forecasting the GOP Convention Clustermuck: If Republicans Try to Ditch Trump, Who Do They Pick Instead?

Congratulations to the city of Cleveland, whose 2016 fortunes are looking up. This is because, for once, its beloved Browns are likely to be...
Scott Walker
AP/Andy Manis
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker acknowledges people in the chambers during Governor's State of the State address to a joint session of the Legislature in the Assembly chambers at the state Capitol, Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015. Copyright © 2015 The Associated Press

The Sweet Sixteen Seventeen – Part Six

A year out from the nominating convention set for Cleveland, Ohio the week of July 18th, 2016, the Republican Party is blessed with a...