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    I'm finding that many of my African-American FB friends worry about being intimidated (or worse) when they go to the polls. The primary reason is fear of Trump's "Election Day Monitors" (or whatever he calls it). The main...
  • HILLARY STAFF - PLEASE READ! Hillary Needs Ad Showing words of Al Right Support for Trump!!

    Please create an add to run in North Carolina, New Hampshire, Florida and Ohio - that shows the words David Duke spoke at the debate at Dillard Univ last night, showing his support for Trump and the Supreme Court...
  • Are SLR cameras allowed at HRC's events?

    Hello! I attended Hillary's earlier event at Wayne State U in Detroit. I did not bring my SLR camera because I figured it might not be allowed. I did see some SLRs in the audience but wasn't sure if...
  • Trump Tax Returns

    You shouldn't talk about that he's not showing his taxes because he's not paying taxes. We all know he's not and he's still not showing it. If he's still not showing it after he's been outed you should ask...
  • Hillary should turn the table on email saga!

    Hi there, I had a thought last night reading the news regarding the email saga that came up over the weekend. I think Hillary somehow can turn the table and praise the FBI for looking into emails just discovered....