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  • Have a group that lives in MD, but wants to help canvass in Swing State Pennsylvania

    We would like to volunteer to canvass in PA, as well as give rides on election day in Maryland. Please contact me to facilitate this. Looking forward to helping!
  • Evil

    We've all heard the saying that all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for enough good people to do nothing. Before this year, there have been Republicans with whom I disagreed and so I worked for,...
  • Pounding the Pavement

    Myself and some friends from NYC want to help support Hillary on the ground in swing states like Ohio or Pennsylvania. Any door-to-door movement planned or phone calls we could make (if phone, obviously we'd be interested in any...

    I am from the UK and have been following the US presidential race. I believe if ever Donald Trump becomes the next president of the US the World and America will be a worst place to live in. I...
  • plan for federal employees ?

    if the minimum wage doubles as you are proposing are you planning on raising all federal employees wages as well to keep up with inflation ? i really don't believe that raising the minimum wage is the answer at...