The Gender Card Will Beat the Trump Card in the General Election

Barbara Kinney/Hillary for America
Photo and Copyright by Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America.

The results of the recent New York primary has given Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump significant leads as the presidential candidates for the general election. Solid support from women led Hillary Clinton to an impressive win in the New York Democratic primary. With female voters beneath her wings, Hillary is in great shape for a matchup with Donald Trump in the fall general election.

According to CBS news, New York exit polls showed Hillary supported by 61 percent of women voters. Among white voters, she received 54 percent of the female votes. Among New York Republicans, Trump did equally well among women. However, Trump’s favorability rating with women overall is 70 percent negative. Trump’s gender gap appears larger than any other remaining candidates. Traditionally, women support Democrat candidates in greater numbers than do male voters.  According to NBC news, regardless of who the nominees are, 52 percent of women chose a Democratic candidate as compared to 36 percent of women who chose a Republican candidate. This gives a 16 percent advantage to the Democratic candidate. In the general election, the women votes become crucial.

In this year’s primaries and caucuses, women made up the majority of the Democratic electorate. NPR reports that in those primary states that voted, exit polls showed that women voters amounted to no less than 54 percent of the Democratic votes. In Mississippi, two-thirds of the Democratic primary voters were women.

Hillary’s campaign platform does not call for women to vote for her on the basis of gender alone. Some women may identify with her because Hillary is a woman but most women support her because of her experience and intelligence. Hillary’s platform encompasses broad issues related to women. These are issues that revolve around the economy, minimum wage and equal pay. Issues related to raising a family and taking care of elders are clearly defined, like paid family leave, retirement, education, and health. In contrast, Trump does not seem to recognize any women’s issues in his platform.

For multiple reasons, women support Hillary Clinton. Women are thrilled with the prospect of a woman president who is competent and identifies with women’s problem. Some women think that Hillary’s belief in gender equality is more robust because of her gender. For older voters gender is fundamental for women issues like better employment programs and opportunities for women’s reproductive rights. There are independents, women who do not identify with either major political party who tend to be more socially liberal. These independent women have more liberal attitudes about abortion, an issue that created controversy when Trump commented that women who chose abortion should be penalized.

Hillary’s overwhelming victory in Tuesdays New York primary clears her path as the Democratic presidential nominee. If Trump is the Republican presidential nominee, Hillary would be the stronger candidate in November against Trump and the gender card will propel Hillary to victory.