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Michael Davidson/Hillary for America
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America’s Best Hope

A QUARTER of Americans born since 1980 believe that democracy is a bad form of government, many more than did so 20 years ago.
John Podesta, Hillary Rodham Clinton
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Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton takes questions from John Podesta, counselor to President Barack Obama, in Las Vegas on Sept. 4, 2014. Copyright © 2015 The Associated Press

Leaked Podesta Emails Endanger Hillary’s Progressive Support

The Wikileaks just keep on coming, and the latest batch of hacked emails is hurting Hillary with the progressive wing of the party. John...
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Five Reasons Why People Are Voting for Hillary Clinton in November

The next leader of the free world will be decided this November and we'll most likely see Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump winning the...
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Presidential Candidates’ Plans Would Carry Tax Code in Different Directions

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would take the tax code in opposite directions, with the split being especially sharp on their treatment...